Saturday, June 21, 2014

Happy Summer Solstice

Today is the longest day of the year so it is a day for the Sun!

Some of the celebrations that are happening are:

Jaanipäev (Estonia)
Jāņi (Latvia)
Juhannus (Finland)
Kupala fertility rite
Kupala Night (Ukraine, Belarus, Russia)
Saint Jonas' Festival (Lithuania)
Tiregān (Iran)
Wianki (Poland)

Most Americans use this day to stay out and have a long day of barbecue and picnics. Now I write at the night most of the time and this is the shortest night of the year, so this is hard day for writing for me. It is a great day for being out and getting some amazing ideas.
The seasons are a great source of inspiration. Seasons change and as you watch the world and it’s changing colors can give you some amazing ideas. You can get something just from watching things change.
There are also brilliant legends from this time of year. So much dealing with the Fae. Many authors have used this as a back drop to their stories. It is something to look into when wanting to write anything Fae.
I personally love Midsummer for the daylight and the joy of spending it with my family. How it inspires my writing is using the world around me and tweaking what I see. Since right now I am working in Urban Fantasy it is interesting to take the world around me and darken it up a bit. I hope to one day to write a story based on the Fae during the Midsummer antics, but that is for another tale.
I hope that it helps you with your writing and may your writing be inspired.

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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Comic Conventions Are More Than They Seem

Alright so I know I already brought up the whole Convention thing in my article on Spring, but did you know that many authors go to Comic book conventions? That’s right Comic Conventions are more then just about Comics. Now this past weekend was my home town’s big comic convention and then I learned the full name of the convention, Denver Comic Convention and Literary Convention. Though most of the time it is just called Denver Comic Con.
Why is this so important to inspiring writing? Well first off they had panels dedicated to Authors, yes that’s right there where panel’s that where geared for all us writers. There where not just one or a few but a total of 33 of them, which was the exact same amount as for comic books making them tied for 2nd and 3rd most grouped panels. The only other grouping of panels that was more then either of those two groups was DCC Presents at 71 panels. So that being said you can see why going to something like this might be a good idea to go to. For your information I was not able to go to all 33 panels only as some of them where at the same time as others, but every panel I did attend I was able to take away something from each of them. I also was able to meet some other great writers and artists at each of them.
To give you an idea of the panels that they had here is a listing of some of the ones I attended:

  • Marketing for Writers & Authors
  • Mind-Melding: an Author and Artist
  • Unlocking the Story Within
  • Café Otherworld
  • Overcoming Sexism in Geek Culture
  • Importance of Strong Female Characters
  • How is Digital Formating Changing Creation Process?
  • Who’s the Villain?

All of these panels where amazing and the people who ran each of them really just wanted to share the information that they had. They invited questions and if they hadn’t been able to get to your questions they told you where you talk with them after the panel was completed. The authors that I spoke to personally where brilliant and gave me some new ideas on how to do things a bit differently, including branding and ways to go when publishing.
I urge you to check out the conventions in your area and see if they have anything that is for authors because you never know. I felt like the Denver Comic Con & Literary Convention really has helped me in improving my craft. You can see some of the photo’s I took on my Facebook page:
I hope that it helps you with your writing and may your writing be inspired.

Also a special thanks to:

All great people and happy that I got to get to know better.

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Monday, June 2, 2014

Magical Places - the Library of Congress

I recently went to Washington D. C. and was able to see a few places. Of those places it was the Library of Congress that was the highlight to my trip. I had been there for only a moment when I was seventeen years old. This time I was able to see much more of the place.
Now as a writer this is holy ground the feeling that came over me reminded me of how it felt when I have come across something truly sacred. The major thing that I thought that we as writers should take away is the writing in the great hall. There are quotes all around it ones that hit home and really inspired me. Reminding me of how much I love writing.
I feel that I should share as many of those quotes with you if you have not heard them. I hope that it helps you with your writing and may your writing be inspired.

These are the ones that I remember:

  • Knowledge is power
  • Dreams books are each a world books we know are a substantial world both pure and good
  • Knowledge come but wisdom lingers
  • Wisdom is the principle thing there fore get wisdom an with all thy getting get understanding
  • Ignorance is the curse of God knowledge the wing where with we fly to Heaven
  • How charming is divine philosophy
  • It is the mind that makes the man and our vigor is in our immortal soul
  • They are never alone that are accompanied with noble thoughts
  • Man is one world and hath another to attend him
  • Tongues in trees books in the running brooks sermons in stones and good in everything
  • There is one only good namely knowledge and one only evil namely ignorance
  • Reading maketh a full man conference a ready man and writing an exact man
  • Books must follow sciences and not sciences books
  • The chief glory of every people arises from its authors
  • Science is organized knowledge
  • Too low they build who build beneath the stars
  • Nature is the art of God
  • There is no work of genius which has not been the delight of mankind
  • Beauty is truth Truth is beauty
  • Art is long and time is fleeting
  • There is but one temple in the universe and that is the body of man
  • Words are also actions and actions are a kind of words
  • The history of the world is the biography of great men
  • Behold the bright countenance of truth in the quiet and still air of delightful studies
  • No true painter ever set on canvas all the glorious vision he conceived
  • The first creature of God was the light of sense the last was the light of reason


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