Monday, May 5, 2014

Mother's Tribute

We all have mother’s or a mother figure that we look to and with Mother’s day fast approaching I see it only fitting to write about them. As I have written before there are many great people in our lives that help in supporting us in whatever we endeavor. To be more on point we all have mothers in our lives that bring what we need. We may think at the time that we want is what we need but as I have learned that is not the case. For those of you that don’t have their mother around there maybe someone out there that you may now think of as a mother figure. I recently saw a hallmark commercial that was a great interpretations of this which was a niece giving an aunt a Mother’s day card. It was quite sweet.
I have a brilliant mother as I have mentioned before. Growing up she always worked hard on making sure that I was healthy and happy. Now as an adult and sometimes feel uncertain about things I know I can turn to her. We try and work out the problem as best we can. She tends to have a level head when I don’t. She truly is my best friend. Since becoming a mother myself I hope to create that same bond with my own daughter. Another person in my life that I am very close to is my grandmother. Her strength and knowledge have always been a big help in some of my darkest times. She has helped me in so many ways and I love being able to get together with her every week for dinner. Watching her play with my daughter the way she used to play with me also brings me great joy.
When it comes to writing our mothers tend to be some of the first people that we ask to read what we have written. They may not like the genre that we write but they will sit and read it because we made it. Knowing them also helps in creating characters that are like them. I know of several different writers that create characters that are based off of their family members. Writing what you know is very important and can help give more depth to your stories.
So for all the mothers out there thank you for everything that you do. Wishing you the best Mother’s day.
I hope that it helps you with your writing and may your writing be inspired.

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