Monday, April 28, 2014

How History Can Inspire

As my one of my favorite TV shows, Battlestar Galactica stated, “All of this has happened before and will happen again.” Many people have stated you need to study history so that it will not repeat itself. History can teach us so much and if you look at the past you can see how things have a pattern. As writers we can use these patterns or even the historical events for plots or background. We can even use the historical people as archetype for creating your characters. It doesn’t matter what genre that you write you can use history to enhance your writing in so many different says. Even if it is only an idea for where your world is going to be set in. There is so many different histories that you can learn from.


Some great books that have been written all on the writer’s guide to everyday life during different times through out history. These are great to use during your research of different specific times. There is so much information that is helpful in reading these books. I started collecting these back when I was in high school, they helped me not only with my writing but also with my history papers.
For myself I love learning about history it’s something that my father taught me about through books and playing games. Currently I am writing an urban fantasy that involves time travel and historical events so I have to do research. Some of these events actually help in moving my writing along as I know what happened historically, which makes writing much better all the time.
I hope that it helps you with your writing and may your writing be inspired.

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Monday, April 14, 2014

Writer's Playlist

“If music be the food of love play on.”(William Shakespeare Twelfth Night Act 1 Scene 1 first line of the play). Music has inspired us in so many different ways. As writers we use different songs to help us while we write. Since music can bring about strong feelings it is no wonder why we use it to help us feel something to help us capture that feeling while we write. Many authors now a days post their playlists on their webpages after their books come out. So that their fans can see where they may have been while writing.
For myself I tend to put a huge playlist to listen to or I turn on my television to the music stations and listen to big band music, some stations call is Sing & Swing. It always takes me away from where ever I am and almost puts me into my own writing. I find it a great way to get into the writing grove when I feel like I’m just not able to convey what I want to. Like while writing this I am listening to It’s Time by Imagine Dragons from their album Night Visions. The first thing when I hear a song that just works for what I am writing is I feel like I can get everything out the way I want it to sound. It all seems to wrap things up in a bow even if sometimes it can take a while to find the song that will work with what your writing. I feel that it is always worth looking for because it can be so helpful.
Is there a set of songs that you listen to while you write? Or maybe it’s a genre of music that you put on to help you with the emotions that you are trying to convey from a character? Do you just listen to one song over and over while working or do you listen to as much as you can?

I hope that it helps you with your writing and may your writing be inspired.

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Monday, April 7, 2014

Game On!

There are many games out there that can help you with your writing. One of the great games is a card game called Once Upon a Time. It is on it’s third edition now and going strong. Table top even did a review on it, but it can also be used as a writing tool. I have a second edition main set that I have used for years. Whenever I get stuck I pull out the cards and pull three to write about.

There are also writer’s block dice. There are so many that I would recommend just searching the Internet and finding a set that works best for you.
Another great game is Chrononauts. Which is all about changing history to get to your ending. It is one of the great games that helps with understanding time travel.

On a personal note I have grown up playing games like these and some more difficult game. Gaming has always helped me in opening my imagination. It has helped me to strategies and make more dynamic characters.
There is more to gaming than your average person may know about. Take a moment and think back to the games that you have played and how they have influenced you. Because in some way they have touched you.

I hope that it helps you with your writing and may your writing be inspired.

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