Monday, January 27, 2014

Color Your World

            Colors have meanings that we don't always realize that we use. What I mean by that is that when we are discussing a scene the colors that we choose have meanings within that we may not even be thinking about. Such as using warm colors to set a certain mood to show that this is an inviting place. Where as you might use dark colors to explain the mood of your character. With all the different meanings of colors you can add more depth. Like you never want to have a kitchen painted orange as if makes you feel hungry. Yellow makes things look lighter and Blue is a calming color. So you can see that color can enhance your writing. I use this information a lot in how I decorate a room or even a character. When my characters seem to be in a slump I tend to have them where comfortable gray pants and brown shirts. The is to show indecision and the need to feel protected. I know sometimes I over think a scene but then again it helps me in understanding where my character is and how can I help improve their situation. That is how I look at these kinds of situations.

Below I have put down some basics about colors, along with Personality Trait links. I hope that it helps you in your writing.

Reds - Aries, Scorpio, Fire, Excitement, Energy, Passion, Action, Vigor
Oranges - Leo, Adventure, Social Communication, Warmth, Happiness
Yellows - Gemini, Air, Bright, Luminous, Novelty, Mind, Intellect, Acquired Knowledge
Greens - Capricorn, Earth, Balance, Harmony, Growth, Rebirth, Renewal
Blues - Taurus, Aquarius, Water, Trust, Responsibility, Honesty, Loyalty, Calmness
Indigos - Intuition, Perception, High Mind, Third Eye, Devotion, Wisdom, Justice
Purples - Libra, Sagittarius, Imagination, Spirituality, Dreams, Psychic Ability, Selfless Love, Royalty
Turquoise - Pisces, Open Communication, Clarity of Thought, Friendly
Pinks - Unconditional Love, Nurturing, Compassion, Insightful, Innocence, Sweetness
Magenta - Universal Harmony, Emotional Balance, Compassion, Kindness, Cooperation
Browns - Capricorn, Earth, Security, Protection, Material Wealth, Down-to-Earth, Support, Structure, Physical Comfort
Grays - Virgo, Detachment, Indecision, Compromise, Neutral, Impartial, Indecisive
Silvers - Cancer, Illumination, Reflection, Feminine Energy, The Moon, Emotional, Sensitive, Mysterious, Soothing
Golds - Leo, Wealth, Success, Status, The Sun, Luxury, Quality, Prestige, Prosperity, Extravagance
Whites - Purity, Innocence, Wholeness, Completion, Pure, Perfection, New Beginnings, Peace
Blacks - Hidden, Secretive, Unknown, Mystery, Control, Intimidating, Unfriendly

Personality Traits for specific colors:
Red -
Orange -
Yellow -
Green -
Blue -
Indigo -
Purple -
Turquoise -
Pink -
Magenta -
Brown -
Gray -
Silver -
Gold -
White -
Black -

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Monday, January 20, 2014

Where Have You Been?

             Most of us have heard or read the Dr. Seuss book, Oh The Places You Will Go. But what about the places that you have been? These few or many different places that we either have lived or visited. Do you track them? Are they on your list of places to go back to? Or do you never want to look back? Why? These places hold different meaning to us all. They hold dear meanings of great joy and sadness too. There can never really be a way to explain the experience of an event without describing where it happened. As much as you have characters I truly believe that where the story takes place is a character unto it self. And if you have ever traveled out side of the place you where born you can see how things are very different and yet similar. 

             I have lived in many different cities and traveled to even more. The pictures above represent every city that I have lived. Since I lived in three of them as a child I have a different perspective on them. Like I never been to Los Angeles as an adult. So I remember schools and such but I don't remember where things where or how to get to them. When I lived in Orlando got to know the different theme parks in a way most vacationers don't get to. Because I could go whenever I wanted and learned when not to go at all. In New York I learned the great pleasure of just having a picnic in the park on any given afternoon, while everyone was rushing about. Or discovering great food in a restaurant that could only have about ten people in it. That is just three of the places that I have lived and have provided me with many great ideas for backgrounds to my stories. Even the places that I have traveled to, and as there are quite a few different places. I've been up and down and across the states. As well as to the Bahamas, London, England and Paris, France. These places have not yet been in any of my stories yet. But I have some amazing ideas for them. 

             I reference that use is Writer's Guide To Places by Don Prues. It is a great reference for places that I need facts that I never learned while at that place. I've also used many different travel guides or checked something out on the internet. There is so much you can learn about a location that you might want to use for your book. Even something as obscure as taking a walk around where your story will be taking place, can enhance your writing.

             So take a look at your silent character. That place that your story is taking place. Can you see it? Do you feel like you can walk in that place? Does it feel like it's real, even if it Mars in the far future? Because as a reader they may not know that they are looking for it but they are. Some of my favorite stories are the ones that you feel like you are walking right next to your characters. It is also how I try to write my worlds. 

             I hope that I may have sparked another idea for you.              

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Monday, January 13, 2014

What is in a name?

             One of the thing that I have always been fascinated by are names and their meanings. Even before I realized that I wanted to be a writer I had been getting different name books. With the internet it is even easier to find the meaning of names. And it wasn't just first names but last names as well. 

             Take my name Ashlyn Ross. Ashlyn has two different origins the first is of English origin. The meaning of Ashlyn is "ash tree meadow".  Where as the second is of Irish origin, and its meaning is "vision, dream". Which is where my name is from. The image that comes to mind when you think of Ashlyn is as followed which is taken from Bruce Lansky's The New Baby Name Survey. "Ashlyn may seem like an ordinary girl, but she's quite special. She's imagined as a 'good girl' who's tender, gracious, and a little naive. She comes across as charming, joyous, beautiful, and youthful. People feel there's something unique and special about her, even if they can't explain why."

             My last name Ross is another name for Rose. There are many meanings for the name and they are not even sure which ones are true.

             What does your name tell you? Do you know how you got your name? Where does it come from? Or even think of the names of those around you. Even your pets name. These all have great meaning.

             As Shakespeare said, "What is in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet."

             So I thought I would share some of my favorite Name books and webpages with you all. 


             The New Baby Name Survey by Bruce Lansky
             The Writer's Digest Character-Naming Sourcebook by Sherrilyn Kenyon
             The Hidden Truth of Your Name by The Nomenology Project 
             The Complete Book of Magical Names by Phoenix McFarland
             The Complete Book of Baby Names by Lesley Bolton

             Hope you all found this to be helpful.

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Friday, January 10, 2014

The Beginning

             Inspiration is all around us. It's in the stories that we read as children. The people we are surrounded by. And yet there are times that we miss this. So take a moment and look around you. I mean really look around you. See the sparkle that is there. That object that you've always wondered about. The thing that captivates you. What is the story behind it? Do you know? Or are you willing to imagine what the story behind it is? Remember that favorite book. What happened to the characters that you have grown to love and connect with? There is so much out there that can captivate you. Reach out and grab it. See where it might take you.

             That's what I'm doing...


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