Thursday, December 11, 2014

Seasonal Inspiration

I first wish everyone a very happy holidays. I’m sorry that I have been away and unable to write for the past 5 months. The best way for me to say something is that I have been smacked by life. Now that I am coming out of the clouds I can’t believe that it December. So I am sorry again.
For the fact that it is the holiday’s I thought that it would be good to write up something that is inspirational for my fellow writers. My daughter’s favorite thing to do right now is get in the car and drive around to find lights decorating the different homes and buildings around. (She’s 3) But as we where doing this the other night I enjoyed watching the wonder on her face. Before I knew it I was looking with anticipation for the next house.

 It was in that moment that I remembered how I was around this time of year. When we lived in New York City my husband and I would take walks at night to see the city lights for the holidays, going to all the major stores to look at the window displays. Since we had left I hadn’t really had a chance to enjoy that again until this year.
Is there a family tradition that you do with for yourself or the ones that you love? How can you use that in your own writing? There is so much going on during this time of year that you sometimes have to stop and smell the pine trees before it all goes rushing by. Make sure that you take that moment and just think about what a great time of year it is.
I hope that it helps you with your writing and may your writing be inspired.

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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Happy Summer Solstice

Today is the longest day of the year so it is a day for the Sun!

Some of the celebrations that are happening are:

Jaanipäev (Estonia)
Jāņi (Latvia)
Juhannus (Finland)
Kupala fertility rite
Kupala Night (Ukraine, Belarus, Russia)
Saint Jonas' Festival (Lithuania)
Tiregān (Iran)
Wianki (Poland)

Most Americans use this day to stay out and have a long day of barbecue and picnics. Now I write at the night most of the time and this is the shortest night of the year, so this is hard day for writing for me. It is a great day for being out and getting some amazing ideas.
The seasons are a great source of inspiration. Seasons change and as you watch the world and it’s changing colors can give you some amazing ideas. You can get something just from watching things change.
There are also brilliant legends from this time of year. So much dealing with the Fae. Many authors have used this as a back drop to their stories. It is something to look into when wanting to write anything Fae.
I personally love Midsummer for the daylight and the joy of spending it with my family. How it inspires my writing is using the world around me and tweaking what I see. Since right now I am working in Urban Fantasy it is interesting to take the world around me and darken it up a bit. I hope to one day to write a story based on the Fae during the Midsummer antics, but that is for another tale.
I hope that it helps you with your writing and may your writing be inspired.

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